An assessment at our centre is free. Please note, fees are adjusted at the beginning of the academic year in early September, and are fixed until the end of the following August.


The standard fee this year is from £28.00 per session. A session is approximately 90 minutes long. The fee covers advance preparation of individual lessons, homework, printing of worksheets. Drinking water is available at all times

Parents who pay in advance for a block of 10 sessions receive an 11th session free. For brothers and sisters attending simultaneously, they may be eligible for a further discount.

Important Information

The fee covers the books and resources for the academic year. 

Payment Options

We accept payment by cash, debit/credit cards, BACs, PayPal™ and Cheque.

Additional payment options include  working tax credit and childcare vouchers. Tuition fees are paid monthly in Advance. We usually expect payment by the 7th of every month. Please take note of this when you are setting up standing orders.


Group Tuition

Maths and English Fees

Year 1 and 2

From £12.50 Per Hour [T&Cs applies]

Year 3 and 4

From £12.50 Per Hour [T&Cs applies]

Year 5 and 6

From £14.50 per Hour [T&C applies]

Year 7,8, and 9

From £15.50 Per Hour

[T&Cs applies]

Year 10 and 11 GCSE

From £15.50 Per Hour [T&Cs applies]


Two-to-One Tuition (Two Children to a Tutor)

Two-to-One Tuition Fees

Year 3,4,5,6

From £20 Per Hour

Year 7,8, and 9

From £20 Per Hour

Year 10 and 11

From £20 Per Hour